1. What are hours are you open?

By Appointment Only- Tuesday- Friday

10:00am to 5:00pm, & Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm.

2. Do you design your own events, or do you subcontract decor to other décor firms

rai Entertainment Design designs and produces our own décor in house. We do not hire or subcontract decor firms or designers to produce our work. Every event is custom and unique.

3. Are your events custom?

Yes, every event is custom and unique.

4. Do you do only special event décor?

No, we also do Interior Design, Residential and Commercial Weekly Floral Installations, Christmas/ Holiday Installations for Residential and Commercial clients. Along with Cinematic Set Design, Tradeshow Design, and Funeral Décor.

5. When does work begin?

Work on your special event or project begins after a deposit of 50% has been received along with a signed contract. No proposals or hard copy concepts are exchanged until we have received the deposit and contract.

6.      How do we do business?

Once we get a call from a potential client, we set up a preliminary meeting. When we meet, we try to get a solid sense of the client’s needs and dreams. Once the client and our team are both comfortable with each other and have established a verbal agreement, we request a nonrefundable amount of money to hold the date of the event or project. We present the designs that we have come up with for his or her event or project. Usually, we will provide at least three different designs. Once the client chooses a design, we give him or her a written proposal and ask for 50% of the bill.

7. What is your consultation policy?

We give a (25) minute free consultation, after that a fee of $100 per hour will be assessed.

8.  What should the client bring to the consultation?

rai Entertainment Design requests that you bring any and all things that relate to your upcoming event or project. (Invitations, color and fabric swatches, pictures, and venue information). We work closely with each client to ensure that your personal style is reflected in every element of the design, bringing these together elements ensures that your event or design project will be one of a kind.

9.   How many times can a client meet with rai?

We are more than happy to see potential clients a second or even third time to address additional concerns. At these meetings, we may even discuss what certain design elements generally cost.

 10. Do you charge for a design fee?

Yes, we charge a design fee which is given during your consultation. The design fee is in addition to the event design costs and is non-refundable, however it will be applied to your balance. (Note: This fee covers two creative proposal drafts only any additional proposals will be charged an additional design fee).

11.When do I receive detailed my proposal?

Your proposal is given after your design fee has been received by rai Entertainment Design.

 12.How long do I have after I received my proposal to book my event?

You have seven days (7) to book your event after your proposal is given. After seven (7) days pricing is subject to change due to market price changes.

 13. How do I book my event with rai Entertainment Design?

Once a 50% deposit and a signed contract has been received by rai Entertainment Design, your event will then be placed on the event calendar. Final payment is due 30 days before event.
14. Can my event planner make changes to my event design order?

 Yes, your planner may make changes to your décor order for you however, a signed change of décor form must be signed by the contracted client for all changes.

 15. What is your cancellation policy for natural disasters and incumbent weather?  We offer a non-refundable special event insurance at an additional non-refundable cost of $1,000.00.  This insurance will refund the monies paid out for the décor only, if the event is cancelled. Special event insurance is optional. Please inquire about this additional coverage.

16. Are there labor fees?

Yes, labor fees are assessed as a separate line item in the décor proposal and are an additional fee. Labor fees will vary and are based on the desired décor, time, date, and installation. Labor fees cover the work put in before, during, and after your event by the rai Entertainment Staff.

 17. Can labor fees be waived or negotiated?

No labor is a critical part of executing the event decor or project and is not negotiable.

 18. What do you do with the florals, containers, and custom fabrications from the event?

Florals are only given to the client and guests if desired after the event. We do not resale florals from the event. All containers and fabrication are rentals only and belong to rai Entertainment Design. These items must be returned after the event or a charge of full value of item will be charged to contracted client. The client must provide containers for florals that they wish to take home. We can however, design centerpieces with takeaway low containers by request.

 19. How Do You Pay?

You must pay in full by Bank Debit or Bank Wire, Major Credit Card , or PayPal, Square, Cash App, Installment Payments. Payment will be collected at the time of placing the order. Full payment must be received in advance before any goods are prepared or dispatched.